Environmental Services

Grease traps of restaurants require regular emptying and cleaning to ensure hygienic environment. Accumulations in grease traps cause growth of bacteria and foul smell and which can lead pipeline blockage. Overflowing traps can be nasty and obnoxious to the people around.

SAFA LINE offers contractual services for Remo  val of grease and cleaning of traps with high Quality With Local And
International Standard.

Grease traps Supply, Installation and Maintenance of restaurants, commercial kitchens, Hotels, and other food processing locations. In order to ensure control FOG level in food processing location. It is mandatory to install Grease Trap, Grease Seperator based on the kitchen capacity.

SAFA LINE offers various types of Grease Traps supply and installation in all food processing locations. We also do maintenance in order to make sure grease trap is healthy and prevent any harmful situation and maintain proper condition.

Sanitize and Disinfection Service your home, offices, school, college, industries, public places and passenger vehicles. Due to the recent outbreak coronovirus also known as Covid-19. It is important to make our home and work place safe. We SAFALINE provides best treatment to ensure your place is safe. We do proper sanitization and disinfection to all surface and floors and other important location

SAFA LINE offers contractual services for
Sanitization and disinfection of your location and remove bacterial and viral germs from all surfaces. We use EPA approved chemicals, hospital grade disinfectant which can kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses.


One man, man in protective suit disinfecting office work space alone.
Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service to your Kitchen, as a kitchen manager you know that to prevent restaurant fires it is necessary to regularly schedule your kitchen exhaust system cleaning and maintenance with a certified vent hood cleaning company. We SAFA LINE will clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system down to bare metal – removing all grease and debris from your hood, exhaust fan, filters and duct system. This process most importantly keeps your restaurant and kitchen safe for employees and guests, but also keep you in compliance with NFPA 96 requirements.Even if the hood looks clean from the outside, only a trained technician will be able to identify and properly remove hazardous buildups that can accumulate from the hood and filters to the vents, fans, ducts, and Esp system.

SAFA LINE offers contractual services for
Kitchen Exhaust cleaning services and we have trained team and they can able to meet your cleaning requirement. We also do kitchen duct maintenance and installation for new and old restaurant.

Air Condition Duct Cleaning Service Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning systems act as the “Lungs” of the building and need to be maintained not only for cooling but more importantly for cleanliness. Over time, contaminants such as building debris, dust, hair,animal dander, fibers from clothing and carpets, pollen,
tobacco residues and many more accumulate inside the ducts and on the cooling, coils. Resulting in growth of bio-film, bacteria that is well documented as a major cause of respiratory illnesses and triggering Asthma attacks.

SAFA LINE cleans the complete air duct system is used worldwide to ensure systems are professionally cleaned. We also provide maintenance services to old buildings and installation to new buildings.

Water Tank Cleaning Services Domestic, Commercial and Industrial water systems are fed from dedicated water storage tanks that in turn are fed
from local water supply systems. Contaminated or dirty water is potentially a very severe health hazard, badly maintained water storage tanks are
a major contributory factor.

SAFA LINE Provides water tanks and the associated pipelines inspection, maintenance, cleaned and disinfected all the pipeline network with local and International Standard.